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The site is divided into a number of main sections, mostly by film gauges, which appear on the Welcome Page, and are largely self-explanatory. Just clicking on any one of these normally takes you straight to the section. However, just to make it easy for you, and on this page only, clicking on one of the main section headings (shown in bold blue just below) will only take you to the relevant part of this Contents page. This is because each section itself is further subdivided, and this enables you to see what is there. Or you can just scroll down the page. All the other links take you to the page itself.




Multi-Gauge which is for projectors that do more than a single gauge, as well as info that doesn't just belong to a single gauge.



Photo Gallery



Sales, wants and supplies is a bit out of this main structure and the link in this case takes you straight there. It tells you about some useful

specialist suppliers, things I want to find and, from time to time, things I want to sell.

A Projector Index is a new addition - it links you to where on the site you can find a specific machine or manufacturer.


In the more detailed listing below, a click on any blue sub-heading will take you straight to that section of the website. You can use the

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I have finally (Aug 2012) separated 8 from 16 into its own section. So far there are Bolex, Zeiss, Elmo, Dralowid and Eumig pages, with a Various page for the rest.


9.5 9.5 Silent, covering:-

PathBaby ie about the PathBaby/Home Movie projector. A separate section, The Richardson Collection, covers a huge collection

of rare machines and accessories. Another page, The Hackman Collection, shows another major collection.

Frames - random frame enlargements from 9.5.

Baby Equipment and Film Catalogues (the latter covering French and English versions) each have their own section.There is also a page on

a What the Butler Saw kind of baby, that I wrote up for Flickers.

Under Various, as well as odd bits, are sections on the Coq d'Or, Duplex (with a page on the Monaco projector), the Lux, Pathescope "H" ,

Camjectors (camera/projectors like the Midas) and Toy Projectors . I had quite a lot on the Dekko, which is mainly a toy machine, so it has its own



9.5 Sound, which further divides into:-

The Lost Chord - a history of one man's search for the ultimate in 9.5 sound repro

Silent to Sound - some of the efforts to get sound from silent machines, especially 9.5

PathVox - stuff about this seminal 9.5 machine.

Cinegel Royale, tho' I spose you could argue it belongs in multi-gauge. Indeed, I have found that I did start

in Multi-gauge ages ago and forgot.

Joinville Equipment - pix and catlogs from the last few years of Path9.5, plus a report by Bill Kilgour on his sound conversion.


History - a short history of 9.5 by Paul van Someren and Pat Moules, with additional sections on NovaScope, Pathescope Monthly and its

Baby Cine predecessor, and the French Cina Chez Soi.


French bits. These are translations I did of some French articles about 9.5 producers and stencil colour, this last one having an extra page



9.5 Miscellany - stuff with no other obvious home.


Equipment Catalogues etc, (excluding Baby - see above) which covers:-

Spare Parts. Pathused to produce such beautiful, clear, detailed parts lists.

Gear. Some of the huge range of ancillary bits and pieces available for cine.

Pre-War and Post-War catalogues - some of these were gorgeous, too.


Posters. Peter Spooner gave me some copies of cinema posters, and I picked

out some that were relevant to 9.5.


16 16mm is not really my thing, but there are some pretty projectors, so I needed a section.

Various - including Phillips and Kinox. Ampro,Victor, Danson, Debrie, GB L516, Victor and BTH have their own pages so far.


16mm Silent


Multi-Gauge - Projectors that can do more than one gauge have always tended to fascinate me, so I gave them their own section, which

also includes somegeneral material not restricted to any one gauge. It divides into:

FLICKERS magazine


A PROJECTOR page, with sub pages for Alef, (because they made machines for various gauges, and I don't have a better slot), Bolex DA,

Bolex G, Heurtier (whichincludes a short piece on the Cinegel Royale, tho' most is in 9.5 sound), Specto (with a sub-page on UP8), Ditmar, Nizo

Sakurascope and VariousM-G machines/makes.


Buckingham Movie Museum - a pictorial tour


Care, Repair & Restoration. This includes Restoration - some thoughts on what is and isn't legitimate; Back From the Bodge - an

example of restoration after butchery; a fairly basic first chapter on film care and repair and a slightly more advanced chapter. Now added a section

on old projector amps, and another on Detailing - cleaning up and presenting a projector for display.


Film Catlogs - some of the catalogues put out by various home cine distributors.


Film Dimensions I am trying to draw together in one place all the info I can glean on film dimensions, with

a table to summarise. I found lots of pix re 22mm Home Kinetoscope, but it's not a major interest so I've just subbed it off this page. The never-quite

made-it gauge of 3.2mm is here, too.


Argenteuil film fair, as I need a home for all the pix I have taken.


PPT. I have included a few pictures of equipment held by the Projected Picture Trust, which seeks to preserve cinema and home movie

equipment .


17.5 I suppose it was my near-obsession with 17.5 (and 28mm) that started me on this website. The 17.5 saga has grown from an initial article I

wrote for ACE, which has acquiredseveral more chaptersand stillcontinues.It has gotten too big for just a serial approach, so I've split into

projector types to give a less random structure, with the first two episodes as a kind of general introduction.


Big Brother 1


Big Brother 2 These two pages chronicle my involvement with 17.5. Eventually, it became obvious I would have to change tack

and gice each machine its own page.


PathRural The small cinema network in France, anda historical overview of PathRural in its 17.5 days.


Rex The original 17.5mm silent machine, known in France as the Rural.


Home Talkie This was the basic UK machine, virtually nothing else was sold here.


Rural Sonore This was the original French Sound 17.5, a development of the silent Rural


Super Rural Few if any made it to the UK, tho' it was advertised as the Super Talkie.


Publicity - Some genuine Pathadvertising placards for 17.5 releases, plus equipment brochure and film catlog extracts. Also some examples of

silent Rural programme posters.

28 Oh dear, another obsession. Only five sections tho':-

MY 28mm Story - this has a sub-page with copies of Instructions and projector manuals


Catalogue - info on my 28mm catalogue and contents of DVD's from 28mm prints.


28mm film repairs - notes on specific films and general guidance, aimed mainly at newcomers to 28mm


28mm machines and accessories- pages for KOK, Premier, Victor and accessories (usually ones I have made)


The 28mm Story My three FLICKERS articles on 28mm.



Photo Gallery This site is mostly about projectors and pictures of projectors, so.... There is also a Son (ugh!) of Gallery, and a Side Gallery

with various odd pix.




Lamps - data on projector lamps, with a link to pix of lamp conversions bought together from elsewhere on the site. I have

opened a page for articles etc about projector light output.


35mm pix - pictures of various old and some very new machines. Now a special page on a rare machine, the Educator


Books - these are some of the very few books, mags etc to do with cine


Aunt Em - projector problems or questions? Try Aunt Em


Chateau Nerdistan - a glimpse inside


Links - Links to various people and places you might find helpful.



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