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One of the main sources of stuff is Buckingham Film Services. Tony Reypert has done a huge amount for the hobby, not least thru the introduction of the Buckingham 9.5 Elf conversions. No website, but contactable by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Periodic lists if you send sae's.

Grahame Newnham's Website www.pathefilm.ukSome lovely stuff about Evelyn Dall, plus a big sales list. 28mm and 17.5, too. Pix of equipment - altogether a great site. is self-explanatory. Huge stocks of films and related.

Group 9.5 website

Ron Ashton (he of the Baby shutters and Siemens literature) has re-opened his web site at

A Dutch Collector Huge range of cine stuff. is a site for an Australian cine magazine. Interesting articles on a rare tri-gauge machine and an Australian optical sound conversion for a Gem.

Paul Schimmel's website . Radio but some cine too. is a Dutch language site but with some great pix, including things I never knew of, eg a 16mm Noris like the 9.5 and 8mm ones, what looks like an American version of an H, very early Heurtier tri-gauge and a Bolex G3 rip-off. Loads of stuff also on phonographs, old radio's, film gauges etc. It's in Dutch, but tho' I don't speak it I still found all them pix fascinating. Some info on the early 17.5 film gauges. has lots of projector pix

David Richardson has sent me this web address, I think it's run by the New Zealand cine collectors mob. It's all about

the toy end of the market, from Bingoscopes to plastic giveaway projectors etc etc. Some of it I have previously put (by permission!) on the Toy page,

but this is much more extensive. Fascinating. Also, he found, which is in Dutch but has pretty pix; just

click on cine on the top bar and you then have a list on the left by gauge to click on. is in French, but with some

translation into English and again has some good pix. In particular, it has a section on the Mirage 9.5 projector which explains why it destroys film. is a chat, help, sales forum. Paul Foster does 8 and 16, and also some 35. is the site of the Museum set up by Ron Grant in South London. do a splendid CD-ROM on how to be a professional projectionist.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone number 075835 43476, has taken over belt supply from the late Warton Parfitt. do belts, tho' they seem pricey to me.

David Pierce has drawn my attention to a French website which has some 17.5 and 28mm literature - it's at Mostly about 35mm equipment tho'. Terry Vacani has sent me this link - even if you can't do French, you should be able to find your way to some splendid pix of projectors etc. He and Anna have a website ; big on binox, it also has quite a bit on cine. Lot of stuff on cine cameras which, as you know, do not really light my fire, so if that's your bag, go see. Some very unusual projectors, including a Eumig P1, and many that are more seen in France than over here.

A (mainly 16mm) website, Inter alia, he has attempted a list of all Bell and Howell projector models. is a site in German but with lovely pix of German 16mm machines.

A Greek but in English website is a site I just came across - he seems as weird as us. This one has lots of pix of bigger 16mm machines and loads of 35. has manuals and stuff, tho' mainly American and modern.

Here are some links for the more 35mm minded. See also Curzon above.

How can I not have looked at this site before? Lots of amazing stuff for the real techie on film, stocks, colour, Kinemacolor and other colour systems etc etc. Visit. has a second site attached and actually a fair bit of narrow gauge stuff. is an extensive personal collection of mostly early 35mm

Home 9.5 16 Multi-gauge 17.5 28 Pix Miscellany