28mm Machines





I have decided that the time has come to re-organise the 28mm pages a bit and, like for 17.5,

have pages for each of the (three) principal machines. It's convenient for me to organise the

pages this way; this is just a link thru to the new pages, as follows:-


Reviving a KOK

Premier Pathescope


Accessories, Parts etc


Instructions are on a separate page covering all machines for which I have copies.

Since the pix below are pretty much all I have on the following machines, no separate pages.

Dino has acquired the keys to Aladdin's Cave, aka the machine stacks of the museum where he works. I hate that. Gradually he is drip-feeding snippets (he's far to excited to do more) of which this is a sample. It's a Cello and it is for 28mm.  He also says there's another, a toy projector called the Keystone Moviegraph. Never heard of that either. Also a Keystone "Flashlight" model. Never heard of Keystone 28 before.


Cello dino_1     cello dino_2     cello dino_3     moviegraph model_154wa     Keystone Flashlight_Projector


Trevor Adams in NZ has, however. Heard of the Moviegraph, that is. Moreover, he has one and has sent pix. The machine even has the original tag!

key1     key2     key3


Dave Richardson found these pix in a cinema handbook dating to 1921. The case for the Premier is just like the one I have, tho' I do not have the resistance.

New Premier     Folded Projector     premier in_case_     Premier camera     Pathescope film_mending     Victor projector