9.5 was where I started in the 1960's. I've always been interested mainly in the sound side, but on the other hand I have an ongoing affection for the Pathé Baby. At present, I have about  30, tho' many are in an advanced state of decay. Here is the list of topics you can click on.

 1. 9.5 Sound

  My years spent trying to improve the quality of 9.5 sound, and some of the many efforts to convert 9.5 silent machines to sound. 

 2. 9.5 Silent

  Baby projector collections, equipment and catalogues (French and English), Coq D'Or, Lux, H, Duplex, Toy Projectors, and various 9.5

  silent machines that are as yet without their own pages.

 3. French Bits

  I got from Dave Wyatt some reprints of French 9.5 magazine articles,

  about stencil colour etc., reproduced here in translation.

4. 9.5 Miscellany

  A home for odd bits.

  An economy 9.5 tape splicer

  Notes on the Pax main pulley

  A telecine Specto

  Cinegel Silent

  Information about Mazac

  Some 16 to 9.5 spool conversions

 5. Spare Parts

  Extracts from an illustrated list. Moved to Equipment Catalogues etc, but still available from here.

 6. History

  A short history of Pathé and 9.5 up to 1981.

 7. The Novascope story.

 8. Pathescope Monthly and its Baby Cine predecessor.

 9. The "Joinville" Equipment. Pathé finally made some conventional,

   high quality tackle, the series which included the Pax.

 10. Gear. Cine as one of the earlier "gear" hobbies. See also Spare Parts above.

 11. Posters. Some original cinema posters for films that appeared on 9.5

 12. Equipment Catalogues etc