9.5 Silent



1. Pathé Baby. This includes special pages devoted to the rare Babies of the Richardson Collection, and another collection

assembled by Willem Hackmann, plus pages on Baby Film Catlogs and Baby Equipment, plus some unusual adaptations of

the Baby and the Kid for unsavoury purposes in What the Butler Saw.

2. Various silent machines as I add them. The Coq D'Or, the Pathescope "H" , the 200B, the Dekko, the Eumig PIII, Ercsam, the Lux and

GIC machines have separate pages. 

3. The Duplex system and the Monaco projector.

4. Toy Projectors, by which I mean mostly small 9.5 machines.

5. Frames - random frame enlargements from 9.5 films.



I can remember the Cine BR being one of those ephemeral hopes for the future of 9.5 projectors which, in the event, never came to much.


cine brA