Spare Parts




Pathé published beautifully-produced illustrated list of spare parts, complete with telegraphic addresses, covering the Baby projector and camera, Kid, Imp, H, 200B, Lux, Vox, motors, the magneto and Motocamera, Motocamera B and H camera.
Pat Moules generously gave me duplicate copies he had, (there may be other lists of which I should be glad to hear) and Willem Hackmann decided to put them on a CD-ROM. There's too much for a website, but the results are available on CD-ROM for £3 post free. See my email address under Miscellany. Below are a few extracts to show what they're like. I've looked at these pictures, and can tell you that they look a great deal better on the CD-ROM, tho' I know not why.


spares1     spares2     spares3     spares4     spares5     spares6      spares7     spares8