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TheSep291 first issue of Pathescope Monthly was in September 1929, continuing until March 1941, with a number of gaps due to wartime exigencies. Usually, the summer months from April/May to August/September had only one issue every two months.

AprMay59Thereafter, nothing more appeared until 1949, with the issue of a short series of roneo'd Newsletters. The Monthly re-appeared in November 1949, ending with the April/May issue for1955. The Monthly then became the Gazette, normally issued bi-monthly, including, a bit oddly, a December/January issue, going thru several changes of size and style before its final demise with the issue for April/May 1959.


There is huge scope for extracting material from the Monthly and Gazette for these pages, but my main reason for starting was to show what I feel was a particularly striking run of covers, starting in October 1930 with a picture of Anna May Wong and finishing with June/July 1932, before switching to pix of people covering the whole cover. All this was achieved with what believe is called "spot" colour - just a single colour in addition to black and white. And what an amazing run of releases!

Oct30     Nov30     Dec30     pmcoverjan31a     Feb31     Mar31     AprMay31    JunJul31     AugSep31     

Oct31     Nov31     Dec31     pmcoverjan32a     Feb32     Mar32     aprMay32     JunJul32

Regretably, you are unlikely to find copies looking this good - there has been much photo-shopping but, tho' I enjoy doing it, 'tis hugely time-consuming and the slightly battered and very faded originals have a certain charm.

Here are some more scans I have done for various unknown reasons. First is the complete first issue from September 1929, with the cover from the November and December issues, plus several odd pages from the October issue.

Sep291     Sep292     Sep293     Sep294     Sep295     Sep296     Sep297     Sep298     chessplayer2     vendetta1     secret lives0005ajpg     Oppressed

First and last pages from February 1933.

Feb331     feb332    feb333    feb334

April/May 35



Now for one of the seminal issues - the announcement of 9.5 Sound in the April-May edition, 1938. What a splendid picture it presents, with silent and sound projectors, two gauges, films and film libraries. 

AprMay381     AprMay382     AprMay383     AprMay384     AprMay385     AprMay386     AprMay387     AprMay388     AprMay389     AprMay3810

AprMay3811     AprMay3812     AprMay3813     AprMay3814     AprMay3815     AprMay3816     AprMay3817     AprMay3818     AprMay3819     AprMay3820

August/September 1939

AugSep391     AugSep392 


Wartime Issues

No issues were published between November 1940 and March 1941.

October 1939

oct391 -_Copy      oct392 -_Copy     oct393     oct394 -_Copy     oct395     oct396     oct397     Oct398 

November 1939

Nov391     Nov392     Nov393     Nov394     Nov395     Nov396     Nov397     Nov398

December 1939

Dec391     Dec392     Dec393     Dec394     Dec395     Dec396     Dec397     Dec398

January 1940

jan401     jan402     jan403     jan404     jan405     jan406     jan407     jan408 

February 1940

feb401a     feb402b     feb402c     feb404b     feb404c     feb405a

March 1940

Mar401     mar402     mar403     mar404     mar405     Mar406     Mar407     Mar408

June/July 1940

junjul40a     junjul402     junjul403     junjul404     junjul405     JunJul406     JunJul407     Junjul408

August/September 1940

  AugSep401    AugSep402  


Oct401     Oct402

November 1940

nov401a      nov402

March 1941

pm mar_41a     PM Mar_411     PM Mar_412     PM Mar_413

I have given all the wartime issues in full because I was very much struck by what was, and what might have been. 9.5 Sound, introduced to the UK only in the April/May 1938 issue, was getting into its stride and, despite a rather repetitive approach to content and to releases, quite a few worthwhile films were issued in the period coinciding with the "phoney" war. The list of those I like would include:-

She Shall Have Music (and the extracted Across Europe short)
Edge of the World
When Knights Were Bold
Land Without Music
Soft Lights and Sweet Music
Radio Lover
Sporting Love
Southern Roses
Secret Lives
These last 4 featured in a single issue, June/July 1940 (tho' not necessarily for the first or last time!) At the same time, a string of Fleischer Popeye and Betty Boop cartoons appeared, plus the Pathe Vox Reviews and a personal favourite, Hungarian Rhapsody. How can one help but wonder what might have been if war had not supervened? If there had been no flood of 16mm machines onto the market as surplus? If Pathescope had managed to secure more rights - as French Pathé did with features like King Kong? All might-have-beens; instead, Pathescope enjoyed the benefits of the significant step forward they had made in introducing sound for only a very short period. I think one can be excused a brief sigh of nostalgic regret.

After the war, recovery was slow, and it was not until May 1949 that anything much more became known, with a short-lived Roneo'd Newsheet. 

may491     May492     jun491     jun492     julaug491     JulAug492     Sep491     Sep492


The first proper Pathescope Monthly after the war was in November 1949.

Nov491     Nov492     Nov493     Nov494     Nov495     Nov496     Nov497     Nov498


 April/May 1953.

AprMay531     AprMay532     AprMay533     AprMay534     AprMay535     aprmay536a     AprMay537    AprMay538-9     

AprMay5310     AprMay5311     AprMay5312     AprMay5313     aprmay5314     aprmay5315     aprmay5316