Hackman Collection




Bob Andrews, Mikael Barnard and I visited Willem Hackman to view and photograph his collection of Babies. Most of the following pictures are Mikael's, tho' I have photo-shopped them.

We start with that rarest of beasts, the Pathé Baby Printer. It has something of an air of being cobbled together - note two separate cylindrical resistances in the base - but, on the other hand, the base itself seems pukka. I wonder if one could make one from old Baby bits........

Hack01     Hack02     Hack03     Hack04


We now move on to Dynamo models, starting with a very rare version mounted directly on a special base, rather than added on later. The size of the bracing for the rear-mounted model give some idea of the level of cranking effort needed to get a high enough speed for power generation - it must have needed a lot of holding down. Maybe the side-mounted version was more stable.

Hack05     Hack06     Hack07     Hack08     Hack9     Hack10     Hack11


The rest of the projectors are in a series of images in largely random order and with repetitions, I suspect - I don't know enough to sort them all out and label them. Shall have to go to the horse's mouth if we can both spare the time.

hack12     hack13     hack14     hack15     hack16     hack17     hack18

 hack19     hack20     hack21     hack23a     hack23b     Hack24     Hack25


 hack26     hack26a     hack27     hack28     hack29     hack30     hack31

 hack32     hack33     hack34     hack35     hack36     hack37     hack38     hack39     hack40      hack41


This last section I do know a bit about. The first one is just a part of a continuous loop mechanism. Second is a type or resistance I have never seen before. Some of the Pathex material is, of course, very rare, but we see many Pathex-branded items in the UK. I believe the Pathex brand was also used in Germany, but I don't know why so much Pathex appears here. The  actual American Pathex (pic 3 below, pix 1&2 the next row) is vanishingly rare. The history of Pathex 9.5 in the US was brief, but in that time it produced and saw marketed sound versions of the Baby, which never reached the UK or, I suspect, le Continong, and I have never actually heard of one - has anyone ever had a sighting?

hack42     hack43     hack44     hack45     hack46     hack47     hack48     hack49


 hack50     hack51     hack52     hack53     hack54     hack55       hack56