The first issue of Flickers appeared in August 1956. Since then, it has appeared more, or sometimes rather less, regularly. The latest of a line of illustrious editors is Patrick Moules, who took over with effect from Issue 121. Patrick was able to take advantage of the rapid advances in modern technology to produce a high-quality magazine, with colour. That greatest weakness of all amateur cine mags to date, the limited and sometimes poor quality of pictures, has been decisively overcome, with pin-sharp images.

Below you will find the covers and contents of Issues 121 onwards. I hope this will tempt you into becoming a subscriber. Just send a cheque (drawn on a UK Bank and in Sterling only, please)) for the appropriate amount - see below. The cheque should be made payable to Patrick Moules, but you should send it to the Membership Secretary, Angela Stevens, at:-

29 Milebush

Leighton Buzzard


LU7 2UB.

Subscription rates are as follows:- UK £16.50; Europe £21.00 (airmail); Rest of World £28. This covers four Issues and includes UK postage or airmail to other destinations. Payment can also be made by PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below are front cover, contents page and back page from recent issues.


flicke2     flicke4     flicke6     flicke8    flicke10     flicke12     flicke14     flicke16      flicke18   flicke20     flicke22     flicke24

 flicke26    flicke28     flicke30     flicke32     flicke34     flicke36     flicke38     flicke40     flicke42     flicke44     flicke46     flicke48                                                                    

flicke50     flicke52     flicke54     flicke56      flicke58     flicke60       Flickers131a    flickers131b       flickers131c    flickers132a    flickers132b      flickers132c 

  flickers133a    flickers133b    flickers133c   Flickers1340001    Flickers1340002      Flickers1340003       Flickers1350001      Flickers1350002       Flickers1350003     flickers136a    flickers136b      flickers136c   

 flickers137a     flickers137b    Flickers137c    flickers138a    flickers138b       flickers138c       Flickers1390001    Flickers1390002       Flickers1390003     Flickers 140a    Flickers 140b      Flickers 140c 

  Flickers1410001    Flickers1410002    Flickers1410003    issue 142a   issue 142b      issue 142c