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The Elmo FP-A demonstrates that plastic does not age well; white or grey tends to yellow, often with whatlook like brown nicotine patches at points of wear. And of course it loses flexibility and strength, becoming brittle and fragile. And the outside is ....... unimaginative.


elmo elmo


Very much at the other end of the scale are the ST 1200 and its bigger bro, the GS1200, here seen in the Xenon version.

With lenses as fast as F1.0, the latter machine was capable of excellent light output, despite being limited to a 200w lamp in its non-Xenon standard form (although many take a chance and use 250w anyway). If you are not worried about silent, a two-bladed shutter can offer even more. At the extreme, Bill Parsons fitted a metal halide lamp (like in digital projectors), light from which well exceeded that from the Xenon. However, although some view the GS1200 as the ultimate in S8 projection, others find it over-complex (it has no fewer than 4 separate motors) and more prone to breakdown than the ST1200, which does most of the same stuff.


elmo elmo elmo




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