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Even before there was Pathescope Monthly, there was Baby Ciné. Copies seem to be exceeding rare, which presumably accounts for the fact that many of the following were in shocking condition and have needed much work to make them presentable (the evils of sellotape repair in the dim and distant were evident over time). That's also my excuse for the fact that I have no idea of the proper order of the pages within any given issue. The originals were printed as three pages on both sides of paper rather larger than A4, concertina folded to the width of a single page. Even earlier are the two-page-per-side versions. The two providers here are Pat Moules and David Richardson.

It has taken hours of effort to re-find the old files, improve many of them, cut them down to size (pixel-wise) and load them up. I find this sort of thing terribly confusing at the best of times, so if you identify any faults, please do let me know so I can correct. Of course, the loan of any issues not included here would be most welcome. I should also mention one issue seems to repeat in the pop-ups, so there are 12 images. I do not know why, or how to fix it.

Quite a few of these seem to have survived the Great Software Disaster, so the images are not linked and you will need to use the back arrow to return to the page after each image.

 December 1925 - January 1926

Abfld25j263     Abfld25j264     Abfld25j261jpg     Abfld25j262jpg

 March - April 1927

Bbflma273     Bbflma274     Bbflma271     Bbflma272

June - July 1927

bfljj271a     bfljj271b     bfljj272a     bfljj272b     bfljj273     bfljj274

July - August 1927

Dbflja271     Dbflja272     Dbflja273     Dbflja274     Dbflja275     Dbflja276

 October - November 1927

Ebflon271     Ebflon272     Ebflon273     Ebflon274     Ebflon275     Ebflon276

 December 1927 - January 1928

 before-PM     before-PM     before-PM     before-PM

 January - February 1928

before-PM     before-PM     before-PM     JanFeb28BFL4

 March - April 1928

before-PM     before-PM     before-PM     before-PM

You may ask why the single pages come out so much bigger than the doubles. I have no idea, they just do.

April - May 1928

Jbflam281     Jbflam282     Jbflam283     Jbflam284     Jbflam285     Jbflam286     Jbflam287     Jbflam288

 May - June 1928

 before-PM     before-PM     before-PM

  June-July 1928

bfljj271a     bfljj271b     bfljj272a     bfljj272b     bfljj273     bfljj274

 July - August 1928

  bflja281     bflja282     bflja283a     bflja284     bflja285     bflja286

 August - September 1928

 bflas281a     bflas281b     bflas282b     bflas282b     bflas283a     bflas283b

 November - December 1928

before-PM     before-PM     before-PM 

December 1928 - January 1929

bfldj28291     bfldj28292     bfldj28293     bfldj28294     bfldj28295     bfldj28296

January - February 1929

bfljf291     bfljf292     bfljf293     bfljf294     bfljf295     bfljf296 

February - March - April 1929

 before-PM     before-PM     before-PM 

March - April - May - June 1929

before-PM     before-PM     before-PM 

Presumably the bit you can't read above is the same as the appropriate page below.

May - June - July - August 1929

 before-PM     before-PM     before-PM