28mm Machines





I have decided that the time has come to re-organise the 28mm pages a bit and, like for 17.5,

have pages for each of the (three) principal machines. It's convenient for me to organise the

pages this way; this is just a link thru to the new pages, as follows:-


Reviving a KOK

Premier Pathescope


Accessories, Parts etc

Since the pix below are pretty much all I have on these machines, no separate pages.

Dino has acquired the keys to Aladdin's Cave, aka the machine stacks of the museum where he works. I hate that. Gradually he is drip-feeding snippets (he's far to excited to do more) of which this is a sample. It's a Cello and it is for 28mm. Never heard of it before. He also says there's another, a toy projector called the Keystone Moviegraph. Never heard of that either.

28mm-machines     28mm-machines      28mm-machines      28mm-machines


Trevor Adams in NZ has, however. Heard of the Moviegraph, that is. Moreover, he has one and has sent pix. The machine even has the original tag!


28mm-machines      28mm-machines      28mm-machines


Dave Richardson found these pix in a cinema handbook dating to 1921. The case for the Premier is just like the one I have, tho' I do not have the resistance.


28mm-machines   28mm-machines   28mm-machines   28mm-machines   28mm-machines   28mm-machines