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This week's mystery object is:-

triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless

My theory is that, if I can find a way of putting it together with the various bits shown in the pix below, I shall get a projector.

triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless


And I was right. It is a Peerless 9.5. Almost exactly the same machine was also sold as the Triplico, in two models, the Junior

for 9.5 only and the Senior for 8 & 16 as well. I have no decent pix of the tri-gauge Triplico, which seems to have a much

more enclosed mechanism, but is otherwise the same. Any good pix or a decent copy/scan of instructions would be most

welcome. Here it is after re-assembly from bits and a bit of tidying up.


triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless


I actually got it working finally, but it was a bit of a struggle, and the pic was poor and lacking focus. The mech would barely

fit back into the body without jamming up and the pic was out of focus across the screen, both due I suspect to Mazac distortion.

The other big problem was that only one of the sprockets had a rim. Whether I put the non-rimmed one top or bottom it caused problems

as the film just wandered off the sprockets. The sprocket was actually about 14mm wide, and the film retaining rollers just sat on it,

doing nothing to guide the film. Because of the width of the sprocket, washers would not work so I came up with the approach illustrated.

The brass bits on the top sprocket fit round and over the edges of the sprocket. Being slightly greater diameter than the sprocket, they

guide both the film and the retaining rollers and correct the problem. Framing is a bit by lever but the rest by rotating the bottom

sprocket until the limited range of the lever can come into play.


I have a lot more to say about this but I am, you will be glad to hear, keeping it for a special piece (see Detailing a Projector).

You might care to note the generic motor, like ones used by Specto and others.



At Argenteuil 2012, I had the chance to buy a Triplico to compare with my existing Peerless version.


triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless triplico-peerless


First is a small pic I acquired somewhere, showing a machine matching the one I just got.

However, I had expected something more like the image in pic 3. So still some mystery to be solved.

Much as I did with the Peerless, I have taken it apart (but not the mech) and cleaned it all. The main

parts have had a very light topcoat of satin black Hammerite. The lamphouse I did with heat-resist

barbecue paint, which comes in a choice of matt or matt.




Here are an ad and a sort of review from ACW for December 1936


triplico-peerless triplico-peerlesstriplico-peerless triplico-peerless


The same ad also refers to the SP Wundatone, a 16mm sound machine with intermittent sprocket. I had part of one once, many, many

years ago, but not the skill to do anything with it. Then another ad, from 1941, when the name had changed, and an extract from the

general ACW review of 8mm projectors reproduced in the 8mm section.




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