Got enuff on these to give them their own page.


Mikael Barnard has been collecting Dralowids. These are 8mm machines, made in Germany. The Dralowid III/8 dates, according to Lossau, from 1950. There is a lot more info in his book, so I shall not repeat it here. The III/8 was available in at least four colours. Here they are. Note that the brown one was mine, but I could not withstand the blandishments of Mikael, who had the other three colours, so it became his.


Dralowidblue1     Dralowidblue2     Dralowidblue3     Dralowidblue4


Dralowidbrown1     Dralowidbrown2     thumb Dralowidbrown3     thumb Dralowidbrown4


Dralowidred1     Dralowidred2     Dralowidred3     Dralowidgreen1     Dralowidgreen2


Capacity is limited by the case to about 200'. The principal defect noted so far on test is that the gate pressure is so slack it is not possible to get a steady picture. Note also that the motor (see brown machine, pic 4) is mounted only on four springs attached to vertical posts, a most unusual arrangement to my eye. Now look at the corresponding blue pic - the springs are all floopy and the motor has no chance therefore of doing its job. This one has clearly been dropped, as one of the corner joints of the case has sprung somewhat. You can also see the lamp, 15v 60w.


Oh alright - here is a pic of them all together. I've done what I can with the background but I didn't have a big enuff backdrop to use.


Dralowids plus


Mikael also had a Dralowid II, the only other machine marketed under the Dralowid name, which can be seen on top of the others; this looks really rather modern but Lossau says it is pre-war. Obviously purely a toy, with limited spool capacity and no sprockets. But cute, and with a neat case. Lossau (smug smug) has no pix of this one - remember you saw them first here!


Dralowid2a     Dralowid2b     dralowid2c     dralowid2d     dralowid2e