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Things have moved on some since I wrote the explanation below. After some experience with some pictures surviving and being accessible (ie  having a large image as well as the thumbnail), I have come to the conclusion that it is probably going to be "easier" to replace all the pix. This gives me the opportunity to upgrade some of them. What this involves is first finding the original in my computer files - not always as easy as it should be - and reducing each of them in size from anything up to 1-2MB down to under 500kb. When I tell you I have pages with uo to 100 pix each and have over 150 pages, you can appreciate the scale of the thing. The pix then have to be inserted one at a time into the text, which itself has to be checked as some bits of punctuation have confused the system.

I have concentrated so far on the 9.5 pages, but by no means exclusively. The results are patchy because Itend to binge on it for a while, then move off onto other things, which is whay it is atking so long. All this work is of course in addition to all the stuff I already have on hand.
If you have a particular interest in any topic where the pix are still not sorted, I am willing to try to bring some of these forward earlier.




I know visitors to  Cinerdistan have been experiencing problems for many months now, and I owe you an explanation.

First, Microsoft discontinued the programme (Front Page) I used to build Cinerdistan. This was not in itself an immediate

problem, nor was their decision to discontinue support for XP, the latest computer operating system in which I could

get Front Page to operate successfully. The final straw, however, was the fact that the software used by the Hosting

Company (whose computers Cinerdistan ran on) was updated, and no one saw any need to continue to support Front Page,

which needed special software facilities. The result was broken links all over the place, particularly affecting pictures.

I had been aware of this approaching problem, but struggled to find any solution or helpful advice. I did try setting up an

alternative using the dot com version of the Cinerdistan address, but that didn't work. I finally found someone who felt

Cinerdistan could be transferred to an entirely different software package, Joomla!.

Inevitably, because of the special features of Front Page, the transfer was only partially successful, with many broken links

remaining. I then had to get to grips with the new software (this is not my forte by any means, I have to say!), and begin

the massive task of trying to replace all the missing pictures and links, working in a test environment. This was the point at

which I was suddenly hospitalised, comatose, with kidney and lung infections plus two nice kidney stones, which still have

to be sorted. The priority was pouring intravenous antibiotics into me in an effort to stop the infections causing the release

of my vast projector collection onto an unsuspecting cine market.

It took a surprisingly and frustratingly long time to recover, but I was finally able to resume my labours to update

Cinerdistan. I have come to realise that if I wait until it's all fixed before going live with the new website, it may never

happen. I also actually miss the opportunity to add my latest (sometimes mis)adventures with cine on a current basis.

I have decided therefore to go live with the site in it's present state while I continue to work on it - at least you will be able

to see the problems I face. There are already a couple of new items - try searching

for precisvox or Eumig PIII. My apologies for all this: -


Normal Service Will Be Resumed


As Soon As Possible 







I thought I had outsmarted myself with this business of splitting this page into separate sections so there is a

quicker response, 'cos I numbered the pages wrong, going from 1 (the present) to 5 ( the dim and distant past).

So I had this wizard wheeze; why not re-set the clock to zero and then go +1, +2 etc. I have now

relegated the older stuff to a Part 1 and started again at Page 1 in a new Part 2. To get direct

to the current page, follow the latest link below.

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